Today’s corporate travel landscape is evolving rapidly. Companies must adapt in order to remain successful. At Locale Travel, our job is to guide you through this fast-paced environment, ensuring your travel program is running smoothly and efficiently while your travellers receive the best in customer service, technology and security.

We work with you to navigate challenges, set goals for improvement, and implement solutions for continuous, long-term success.

Our Corporate Travel Services include:

  • Cutting-edge software that allows you to track your travel expenditures
  • Online Travel Booking Tools ensuring your employees comply with your corporate policies
  • Security alerts to warn you of travel risks, from local dangers to geopolitical factors
  • Superior partnerships that provide us access to savings, upgrades and other privileges to pass on to you
  • Personalised and dedicated corporate travel services
  • Commitment and responsibility to strengthen the business relationship
  • Special attention to details that make your travel experience smooth, efficient, and truly great
  • Sourcing and implementing best practices for payment and travel expense management solutions, including special arrangements with various credit card companies
  • Seamless travel solutions to meet customer expectations